WNBA games today: WNBA schedule 2024, TV info, how to watch the WNBA, more (2024)

Our WNBA games today schedule gives you everything you need to know about the 2024 WNBA season. Bookmark. Stay up to date on the latest in the WNBA schedule.

WNBA games today: July 10

There are five WNBA games today. Wednesday’s WNBA schedule tips off at 11:00 AM ET when the New York Liberty are in Connecticut to play the Sun. The schedule comes to a close at 3:30 PM ET when the Dallas Wings battle the Phoenix Mercury.

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WNBA games tonight

MatchupTime (EDT)TV Info
New York Liberty @ Connecticut Sun11:00 AMWNBA League Pass
Washington Mystics @ Indiana Fever12:00 PMNBA TV
Atlanta Dream @ Chicago Sky12:00 PMWNBA League Pass
Las Vegas Aces @ Seattle Storm3:00 PMWNBA League Pass
Dallas Wings @ Phoenix Mercury3:30 PMWNBA League Pass

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Where can I watch the WNBA today?

You can watch the WNBA games today on WNBA League Pass.

Upcoming WNBA schedule

Here’s the upcoming WNBA schedule this week.

DateMatchupTime (EDT)TV Info
Thursday, July 11Chicago Sky @ New York Liberty7:00 PMPrime Video
Friday, July 12Las Vegas Aces @ Atlanta Dream7:30 PMION, WNBA LP
Friday, July 12Phoenix Mercury @ Indiana Fever7:30 PMION, WNBA LP
Friday, July 12Minnesota Lynx @ Seattle Storm10:00 PMION, WNBA LP
Saturday, July 13New York Liberty @ Chicago Sky1:00 PMABC
Saturday, July 13Los Angeles Sparks @ Dallas Wings3:30 PMCBS

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WNBA key dates 2024

  • WNBA All-Star Break: July 18-21
  • WNBA All-Star Game: July 20
  • Olympic Break: July 21- August 14
  • WNBA trade deadline: August 20
  • WNBA regular season ends: September 19
  • WNBA playoffs: September 22 – October 20

When is the WNBA trade deadline?

The WNBA trade deadline is on August 20.

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When is the WNBA All-Star Game?

The WNBA All-Star Game is on July 20 and the All-Star Break is from July 18-21.

What month does the WNBA season start?

The 2024 WNBA season starts in May, with teams playing a brief preseason schedule before the regular season tips off in mid-May.

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When does the WNBA season start?

The WNBA season tips off on Tuesday, May 14 with four games on the season-opening WNBA schedule.

How can I watch the WNBA games in 2024?

You can watch WNBA games on ESPN 3, ESPN 2, NBA TV, ABC, ESPN, Amazon Prime Video and ION. Plus, all out-of-market games are available on WNBA League Pass.

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Does the WNBA take an Olympic Break?

The WNBA schedule will take a break from July 21 through August 14 for the 2024 Summer Olympics.

How many games does the WNBA play in a season?

There are 40 games on the WNBA schedule for the regular season.

How many WNBA teams are there?

There are 12 WNBA teams in 2024. The Atlanta Dream, Dallas Wings, Chicago Sky, Las Vegas Aces, Connecticut Sun, Los Angeles Sparks, Indiana Fever, Minnesota Lynx, New York Liberty, Phoenix Mercury, Washington Mystics and Seattle Storm.

WNBA standings

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Who are the defending WNBA Champions?

WNBA games today: WNBA schedule 2024, TV info, how to watch the WNBA, more (1)

The Las Vegas Aces are the defending WNBA Champions. The Aces have won back-to-back WNBA championships and could become only the second team in WNBA history (1997-2000) Houston Comets to three-peat.

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WNBA championship history (past decade)

  • 2023: Las Vegas Aces
  • 2022: Las Vegas Aces
  • 2021: Chicago Sky
  • 2020: Seattle Storm
  • 2019: Washington Mystics
  • 2018: Seattle Storm
  • 2017: Minnesota Lynx
  • 2016: Los Angeles Sparks
  • 2015: Minnesota Lynx
  • 2014: Phoenix Mercury
  • 2013: Minnesota Lynx

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WNBA playoff structure

Eight of the 12 teams in the WNBA earn a spot in the playoffs. The first round is best of three while the semifinals and finals are best of five.

WNBA history

WNBA games today: WNBA schedule 2024, TV info, how to watch the WNBA, more (2)

The WNBA was founded back in 1996 and played its first season in 1997. The WNBA season typically goes May to the beginning of October. Each team plays 40 games per season.

In 1997, there were eight original teams. That number increased to a whopping 16 from 2000-02 before relocation and teams folding became the name of the game.

Five teams have folded in the history of the WNBA. That list includes the Charlotte Sting (2006), Cleveland Rockers (2003), Houston Cornerts (2008), Miami Soi (2002), Portland Fire (2002) and Sacramento Monarchs (2009).

Five other teams have relocated in the history of the league. Below is a look at them.

  • Detroit Shock
  • Orlando Miracle
  • Utah Starzz
  • Tulsa Shock
  • San Antonio Stars

The Las Vegas Aces were originally the Utah Starz before becoming the San Antonio Stars. They relocated to Las Vegas and became the Aces back in 2017.

Bookmark our WNBA games today with continual updates on the 2023 WNBA schedule throughout the summer and fall.

WNBA games today: WNBA schedule 2024, TV info, how to watch the WNBA, more (2024)


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