Tarkov meets DayZ in Decimated, a new open-world survival game (2024)

Dear survival game enthusiasts. There’s a new game in town – and boy, is it shaping up to be a banger. It’s called Decimated. It isn’t just a game. It’s an experience. Everyone knows you’ve heard that before. But hear it out.

Decimated is a foray into the cyberpunk apocalypse that offers a unique blend of heart-thumping action, strategic cooperation, and endearing world-building. Designed to peak your adrenaline and tickle your wits, Decimated beckons a new era of online multiplayer survival RPGs.

Spearheaded by Fracture Labs, this Unreal Engine 5 masterpiece is set in a sprawling, persistent open world where players engage, create and adapt against a backdrop torn from the pages of a dystopian future.

So, how’s it different?

What sets this game apart from the bustling bazaar of its competitors? And how does it intend to bring a fresh gust of wind into the gaming community’s sails? This is what’s explored in this deep dive into the lush world of Decimated.

The unique appeal of decimated

Merge the intense gameplay loop of Escape from Tarkov with the sandbox freedom of DayZ, and you’ll be touching the tip of the iceberg of what Decimated has to offer.

The game entrusts players with the responsibility of a vanishing world and the thrill of fighting or uniting to survive. It provides a dynamic user experience that encourages multiple playstyles. User actions resonate with the larger ecosystem, potentially swaying the world’s factions.

How would you like to protect and serve? You can be a police officer with YouTube-worthy parkour skills.

Or, you can be a normal citizen — though you will be one with a jetpack and an itchy trigger finger. You can be a marauder — out for yourself, loot, and the blood of your enemies. The choice is yours.

The game’s economy is player-driven, and the market thrives on commodity trading. You drive your vehicle of choice, which would make the creators of Mad Max proud. Hop from one point to another with a jet pack or use it to “float n’ shoot.”

The post-apocalyptic setting isn’t just a backdrop. It’s a monster all its own. A living, breathing entity that reacts to the player’s actions.

What to expect from early access

Early Access promises a gripping array of features. Gamers can expect to plunge into the world of Decimated, acquainting themselves with the basic mechanics, the thrilling combat and the variety of roles available.

The developers are encouraging a feedback loop that guides the fine-tuning of the existing content and paves the way for additional features.

Early access is expected to last several months. However, the duration isn’t etched in stone. It will flex and flow based on community interaction, game development and the delicacy with which the two interplay.

This version of the game isn’t a complete book. It’s the gripping prologue — the eager whisper of a grand narrative waiting to unravel. It’s also free!

The road ahead

The roadmap for Decimated is riddled with starry-eyed ambitions, each waypoint a prospect for elevating the gaming experience.

Among the anticipated features are character progression systems that grant depth and progression to your favorite roles, a metropolis teeming with cyberpunk life, trade routes laden with fortunes and foes, and a PvPvE tapestry that weaves AI adversaries into the tangle of player conflicts.

Players are invited to witness, engage and contribute to this keystone year of development. The platform for their involvement is as diverse as it is engaging, with the Decimated Discord servers acting as a bustling forum for ideas and feedback.

In addition to verbal input, players can submit user-generated content such as vehicle concepts, weapon designs and location aesthetics.

Game meets game-changer

Decimated doesn’t shy away from being a game changer, from initiating dialogues that merge art and audience in a concerto of survival.

Decimated is a testament to the maturation of gaming. It’s poised to deliver an extensive landscape to explore, roles that mirror the complexities of life and growth rooted in the community’s tending.

Its release is set to blaze a trail that beckons the survivalist in anyone, beckoning players to be patient and persistent and proving the human spirit’s resilience in the face of a digital, dire Earth.

With a heart that pumps through its community, Decimated strides into the survival genre with the swagger of a game changer and the roar of a revolution. Gamers and survival enthusiasts take heed…Decimated is waiting for you.

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Tarkov meets DayZ in Decimated, a new open-world survival game (2024)


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