Spring Bulletin Board - Classroom Freebies (2024)

Thinking spring yet? Spring bulletin boards for classroom teachers (or even libraries or in church) are always a figurative breath of fresh air – even if the temperature hasn’t quite warmed up yet.

Cute bulletin board idea themes for spring might include gardens, flowers, pinwheels, bunnies, pictures of baby chicks, spring showers, and definitely a lot of freshly grown green grass.

Spring Bulletin Board - Classroom Freebies (1)

I love the bulletin board options below, which are good for most grades, including preschool up through upper elementary grades.

One of my best classroom set up tips is that I always change my bulletin board before leaving for school breaks, such as Spring Break. I make sure my calendar is changed (if applicable), the bulletin boards are done, new pencils are put out, and usually I try to change up the desk arrangements too.

When students return from their time off, it is nice to walk into a “new” space filled with the promise ofwarmer air, birds chirping, green grass, no snow, and outside recess.

And itis enough to bring a smile to my face, which is important to brave the busy testing and then end-of-the-school year stretch which is sure to be upon us way faster than planned.

Best Spring Bulletin Boards

Here are some pictures of the best spring boards I have seen around the web. So many unique options to really brighten up the classroom!

I love, love, love how this looks like a dandelion, but is made from student hands! The best part is that the more creative and colorful their hand designs are, the more spectacular the final result!

Spring Bulletin Board - Classroom Freebies (2)

Making paper chains never gets old. Make your very own colorful rainbow with simple strips of construction paper for an awesome 3-D effect.

Spring Bulletin Board - Classroom Freebies (3)

These tissue paper umbrellas are adorable! Talk about personalizing a learning space!

Spring Bulletin Board - Classroom Freebies (4)

Earth Day is also right around the corner and this bulletin board with the recycled newspaper bulletin board background and tissue paper globe is a wonderful example of how simple boards are sometimes the best.

Spring Bulletin Board - Classroom Freebies (5)

Want to encourage more reading? Grab copies of your favorite grade level appropriate books and you have an easy bulletin board – perfect for a school library too!

Spring Bulletin Board - Classroom Freebies (6)

No bulletin board space? No problem! This gorgeous door decor does double duty!

Spring Bulletin Board - Classroom Freebies (7)

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Flower Theme Bulletin Board Resources

When I think of spring, flower garden images pop up before anything else. There’s just something about fresh flowers growing in the ground – the smell alone seems to calm my otherwise hurried day.

While it’s probably not feasible – or allowed – in most schools to have live flowers in the classroom due to allergies, aroma sensitivities, and more, perhaps these flower patterns will allow you to create a spring bulletin board masterpiece that brings a little of that bliss inside with you.

Plus – the 3D effects really help the board to get noticed too!

Using simple strips of construction paper, you can make all sorts of different paper flowers. Maybe even have students help without including directions. It would be a great lesson in creative thinking!

Spring Bulletin Board - Classroom Freebies (8)

Maybe try a new medium? You can use felt to create very realistic soft petal flowers.

Spring Bulletin Board - Classroom Freebies (9)

Anyone else out there prefer easy and fast? Me too. Cupcake liners and glue dots. Done.

Spring Bulletin Board - Classroom Freebies (10)

These tulips are just gorgeous and would look amazing on a bulletin board for sure.

Spring Bulletin Board - Classroom Freebies (11)

Students can practice cutting skills to help create the new spring bulletin board! These flowers are simple circles that have been folded in half and glued down on one edge. For older students, you could even talk about circumference and more before creating your classroom flower garden.

Spring Bulletin Board - Classroom Freebies (12)

These huge paper flowers look hard to make, but are actually quite easy. Even easier if you have a cutting machine, like a Cricut or Silhouette.

Spring Bulletin Board - Classroom Freebies (13)

I am thinking this would be super easy with a round scrapbook punch for perfect circles every time. Glue them together and you have a masterpiece.

Spring Bulletin Board - Classroom Freebies (14)

Another felt flower option – so cute!

Spring Bulletin Board - Classroom Freebies (15)

After all that flower-making, you’ll need something for your board title. I whipped up some cute bulletin board letters you can print and enjoy the coming season with as well! As far as what to put in the middle, the ideas are limitless and can reflect whatever you are teaching right now!

Spring Bulletin Board - Classroom Freebies (16)

A couple of ideas:

  • Cut out a yellow circle from construction paper and place on board. Cut out flower “petals” for students to write on.
  • In the middle of the circle, place a target number. Have students write out “ways to say that number” on the petals and staple to the board around the flower center.
  • Using the same idea, write a letter in the middle. Students can find words starting (or ending) with that letter.
  • Choose a word to write in the middle. Ask students to use a thesaurus to find synonyms for their writing.

Have fun coming up with ideas for your bulletin board, or just use the letters for word wall headings. You could even have students use them to build words in a center.

Spring Bulletin Board - Classroom Freebies (17)

I hope you can find a good use for them and enjoy!


This post originally appeared at Organized Classroom.

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Insights, advice, suggestions, feedback and comments from experts

As an expert and enthusiast, I have personal experiences or beliefs, but I can provide you with information on the concepts mentioned in the article about spring bulletin boards for classroom teachers. Let's break down the concepts and discuss each one:

Bulletin Boards for Spring

Bulletin boards are commonly used in classrooms, libraries, and other spaces to display information, artwork, or announcements. They serve as visual aids and can be used to enhance the learning environment. In the context of the article, the focus is on creating bulletin boards with spring-themed designs to bring a sense of freshness and vibrancy to the classroom.

Spring Themes for Bulletin Boards

The article suggests several cute bulletin board ideas for spring, including themes such as gardens, flowers, pinwheels, bunnies, pictures of baby chicks, spring showers, and freshly grown green grass. These themes are meant to evoke the spirit of spring and create an engaging and visually appealing learning environment.

Changing Bulletin Boards

The author of the article mentions a classroom setup tip of changing bulletin boards before leaving for school breaks, such as Spring Break. This practice helps create a sense of novelty and excitement for students when they return from their break. It involves updating the bulletin boards, changing the calendar if applicable, and even rearranging the desks to give the classroom a fresh look.

Examples of Spring Bulletin Boards

The article showcases pictures of various spring bulletin boards found on the web. Some examples include a dandelion made from student hands, a colorful rainbow made from paper chains, tissue paper umbrellas, a bulletin board with a recycled newspaper background and tissue paper globe for Earth Day, and a bulletin board featuring grade-level appropriate books to encourage reading. These examples demonstrate the creativity and versatility of spring-themed bulletin boards.

Flower Theme Bulletin Board Resources

The article also suggests using flower-themed designs for spring bulletin boards. While live flowers may not be feasible or allowed in most classrooms due to allergies and other sensitivities, the article provides alternative options. These include creating paper flowers using construction paper or felt, using cupcake liners and glue dots for a quick and easy option, and making tulips or other flower shapes using folded circles. The 3D effects of these flower designs can make the bulletin boards more visually appealing.

Bulletin Board Title and Activities

The article suggests adding a title to the bulletin board and provides ideas for interactive activities related to the theme. For example, students can write on flower "petals" or find words starting or ending with a specific letter. These activities can engage students and promote learning while also adding an interactive element to the bulletin board.

In summary, the article discusses various concepts related to creating spring-themed bulletin boards for classroom teachers. It provides ideas for different spring themes, showcases examples of spring bulletin boards, suggests flower-themed designs, and offers interactive activities to enhance student engagement. Creating visually appealing and interactive bulletin boards can contribute to a positive and stimulating learning environment.

Spring Bulletin Board - Classroom Freebies (2024)


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