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Some jobs require an exam. If an exam is required, it will be listed on the job posting under “Examination Requirements.”

Postal exams

Types of exams
Taking your Postal exam
What happens after the exam?

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Types of exams

Virtual Entry Assessment (VEA)

Most entry-level Postal Service jobs require you to pass the Virtual Entry Assessment (VEA). These exams include:

  • VIRTUAL ENTRY ASSESSMENT – MC (474) for Mail Carrier jobs
  • VIRTUAL ENTRY ASSESSMENT – MH (475) for Mail Handler jobs
  • VIRTUAL ENTRY ASSESSMENT – MP (476) for Mail Processing jobs
  • VIRTUAL ENTRY ASSESSMENT – CS (477) for Customer Service Clerk jobs


You have 3 days (72 hours) to complete the VEA. It will take about 30-45 minutes to complete. Please start the exam as soon as possible. If you do not complete the exam by the deadline, then you will no longer be considered for the job you applied to. However, you can apply to other jobs in the future.

Download VEA guide

Some postal jobs require other exams. You may receive an email with instructions to take the exam. If you have not tested before, you will need to create an account. Your ID number and the website will be in the email.

For information on each exam, please review the exam information package available when you log into your testing account.


The email will give the deadline to complete the exam.

See exams by job type

Taking your Postal exam

After applying for a job that requires an exam, you will receive an email with instructions on how to take the exam from the testing vendor. Check all email folders so you don’t miss any USPS emails, including “spam” and “junk” folders. Add the following email domain addresses to your contact list -;;;

Nonproctored exams

A nonproctored exam is one that you can take online on your own, at any place of your choosing (for example, using a computer at home or at the library).

You can take the exam on a smartphone, tablet, or computer at a time and place of your choosing. There is no special preparation required. To do your best work, take the exam in a quiet location, free of noise and distractions.

Proctored exams

A proctored exam is one that you complete at an approved exam center. Follow the instructions provided in the email you receive from your testing vendor.

What happens after the exam?

Watch your email for updates on the status of your application.

How to see your exam results

VEA exams

  • Your results will be on your eCareer profile, on the “Roadmap” and “Assessments” page.
  • See VEA exam details

After taking the exam, an email from the testing vendor will notify you that your result is available. Log into your exam testing vendor account to see your results on the Notice of Result. You can also log into eCareer to see your results.

Understanding your results

The result of your exam will be either “eligible” or “ineligible” or it may be a score number.

  • If your result score is “eligible” you received a passing score.
  • If your result score is “ineligible” you did not receive a passing score.
  • Some exams give a score as a number.

If you did not receive a passing score, you will not be considered for the specific posting you applied to. However, you may apply to other postings requiring the same exam or a different exam. You may also apply to other jobs that require a different exam.

Exam tips

The U.S. Postal Service® does not charge for employment information, submitting an application, or taking exams. See FAQ on How to report fraud for more information.

The U.S. Postal Service® is committed to providing reasonable accommodations to qualified examinees with disabilities who require an accommodation for the examination in accordance with the Rehabilitation Act of 1973.

Accessibility information for each exam can be found in the exam invitation and may address your accommodation needs.

For questions related to reasonable accommodations in testing, please contact

Technical support contacts are provided at the beginning of the exam or in the email invitation.


For proctored exams, you may cancel or reschedule up to 24 hours before your scheduled appointment. To cancel or reschedule, log onto your online testing account and click “Appointment Date/Time” link.

Not everyone who applies will be invited to take the exam.

If you are not invited to take the exam, you may be able to take it in the future or through other job applications.

The USPS does not charge for employment information or for taking a postal exam. If you are concerned about a company’s ad for USPS employment, contact:

  • Federal Trade Commission: 1-877-FTC-HELP (382-4357) or on the Internet at From the FTC website select “Consumer Complaint” and then “Complaint Assistant”. The website will gather the needed information and FTC will analyze the complaint for any similarity and needed further action.
  • U.S. Postal Inspection Service: Local office listed in the blue (Government) pages of the local telephone directory.

Your state attorney general or local Better Business Bureau.

If you do not complete the exam by the deadline, then you will receive an ineligible score and will not be considered for the position you applied to. You may apply again to other positions requiring the same exam, as well as to other jobs that require a different exam.

You may retest on or after your Retest Eligibility Date.

After taking the exam, log into eCareer to see your Retest Eligibility Date. Open the Roadmap in “My Profile” and go to the Assessments tab (7).

List of exams

VEA exams

Exam Exam name Jobs
474 Virtual Entry Assessment – MC City Carrier, Rural Carrier, City Carrier Assistant, Rural Carrier Associate
475 Virtual Entry Assessment – MH Mail Handler, Mail Handler Assistant
476 Virtual Entry Assessment – MP Mail Processing Clerk, PSE Mail Processing Clerk
477 Virtual Entry Assessment – CS Sales and Services Associate, PSE Sales and Services Distribution Associate

Other exams

Exam Exam name Description Jobs
220/230/240 Postal Vehicle Operator (PVO) / Motor Vehicle Operator (MVO) / Tractor Trailer Operator (TTO) Exam to provide your driving history with large vehicles Postal Vehicle Operator (PVO), Motor Vehicle Operator (MVO), Tractor Trailer Operator (TTO)
251 Automotive Body and Fender Repair and Painting Exam to answer questions about your experience with automotive fender repair or painting Automotive Painter, Body and Fender Specialist
630 Postal Police Officer Exam to measure your personality, experience, reading and math skills Postal Police Officer
710/720/725/730 Clerical Abilities Exam to measure your clerical abilities, such as sequencing, comparisons, spelling, math, following directions, grammar, and reading ability Clerk, Secretary and Assistant
712/713 Typing Exam Exam to measure how fast and accurately you type on a computer Clerk, Secretary and Assistant
714 & 715 Data Entry Exam to measure how fast and accurately you enter a string of numbers and letters on a computer Personnel Processor, Data Conversion Operator, Markup Clerk
718 Computer Skills Exam to measure how well you use computer software Clerk, Secretary and Assistant
741/744 Accounting Exam to measure your accounting and math skills Accountants
916 Custodial Exam to measure your knowledge on laborer custodial skills and practices Laborer Custodial
943/944/945 Automotive knowledge Exam to measure your knowledge of automotive maintenance Automotive Technician, Automotive Mechanic, Garageman
955 Maintenance Exam to measure your knowledge of mechanical maintenance Maintenance Mechanic, Building Maintenance, Electronic Technician
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Postal exams – Apply to work for the USPS (2024)


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