Kid Friendly Cotton Candy Drink Recipe (2024)

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I love making a fun punch for the holidays or for parties for my kids to enjoy as well. My entire family loves this Kid Friendly Cotton Candy Drink Recipe and it only takes 2 ingredients to create.

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I have a super fun and affordable drink for you and your kids – you have to make this Kid Friendly Cotton Candy Drink recipe.

As many of you know I love to celebrate New Year’s Eve with my kids. We love to talk about the past year and all the great things that have happened and talk about all that we plan for the next year.

This is such a fun and easy kid friendly drink recipe to help your kids ring in the new year. My kids love it but I find that adults enjoy it too. This cotton candy punch and Sherbet Punch is a crowd pleaser for any party you throw this year.

Table of Contents

  • Why Make This Drink Recipe:
  • Ingredients:
  • Variations
  • Step by Step Instructions:
  • How to Serve:
  • Frequently Asked Questions:
  • More Easy Drink Recipes
  • Cotton Candy Punch Recipe

Why Make This Drink Recipe:

Every New Year’s Eve, we love getting into our pajamas early, enjoying our favorite appetizers and playing games together. To go along with these traditions, I also like to create a unique and fun drink for my kids to enjoy.

And what is more fun than cotton candy? One year, I tried this simple and easy cotton candy drink and now it’s a tradition that we make it every year on New Year’s Eve.


Kid Friendly Cotton Candy Drink Recipe (2)
  • Raspberry Ginger Ale
  • Cotton Candy
  • Cherry for garnish (Optional)

For the full recipe, scroll to the bottom to see the recipe card.


This recipe is easy to switch up to make it work for your family or a party.

  • Change Cotton Candy – Generally I use strawberry cotton candy to create this pinkish red color. However, you can use all different types of flavors like blueberry, green apple or banana.
  • Change Ginger Ale – When using the other flavors, I would use regular ginger ale instead of raspberry ginger ale to enhance these flavors of cotton candy.
  • Use Lemon Lime Soda – Also, you can use Sprite or 7 Up instead of Ginger ale if you prefer. This would still taste delicious in the recipe and the carbonation will dissolve the cotton candy into the punch or drink.
  • Cotton Candy co*cktail – This drink is great as an adult drink. Add in prosecco, orange liqueur, triple sec, tequila, and even vanilla vodka. This is a great to serve in martini glass or champagne flutes. Top with pink sanding sugar to leave your tastebuds dancing.

Step by Step Instructions:

  • Step 1 – Place one piece of cotton candy in the drinking glass that I plan on serving this fun drink in.
Kid Friendly Cotton Candy Drink Recipe (3)
  • Step 2 – After this pour the ginger ale over the cotton candy in the drink. It will dissolve the cotton candy immediately but it will dispense the cotton candy throughout the beverage.
Kid Friendly Cotton Candy Drink Recipe (4)
  • Step 3 – Serve immediately and watch all the kids be impressed at this delicious and festive drink that you just created for them.
Kid Friendly Cotton Candy Drink Recipe (5)

How to Serve:

When I’m making these for my family only, I generally make them in individual glasses. It’s quick and easy. Also, the kids can easily make their own which they love doing as well.

However, if you are throwing a large New Year’s Eve Party, birthdays, a girls’ night, or a bridal shower. You can create a larger batch in a punch bowl for everyone to enjoy as a cotton candy mocktail.

I would put a large amount of cotton candy in the punch bowl and fill the rest of the bowl up with the ginger ale. I like to taste test it once it’s done and add more cotton candy if it needs more sweetness.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

How to Store Leftovers:

Leftovers do not store well. We recommend making what you will be serving.

Can I Make Ahead of Time?

This fun drink is best served immediately. We do not recommend making ahead of time.

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We love to hear from you. If you make this Cotton Candy Drink, make sure to leave us a comment.

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Cotton Candy Punch

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Try this easy kid friendly cotton candy drink recipe. You only need 2 ingredients to make this yummy cotton candy drink punch for kids and adults.

Prep Time 5 minutes mins

Total Time 5 minutes mins

Servings 6

Cuisine American

Course Dessert, Drinks

Calories 226

Author Carrie Barnard


  • 3 oz bag cotton candy
  • (1) 2 liter strawberry ginger ale


  • Divide the cotton candy evenly into the cups.

  • Pour over with the soda.

  • Serve immediately.

Nutrition Facts

Calories 226kcal, Carbohydrates 58g, Sodium 35mg, Sugar 57g, Calcium 15mg, Iron 1mg

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Kid Friendly Cotton Candy Drink Recipe (2024)


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