Is Jon B Married? Who is His Wife, Children, Ethnicity, Net Worth, Biography (2024)

Is Jon B Married? Who is His Wife, Children, Ethnicity, Net Worth, Biography (1)

One of the things that distinguish an R&B singer from singers of other genres is not only her amazing voice but also her cute looks. Like any other R&B singer, Jonathan David Buck, also known as Jon B, is attracted by his stunning looks. The American singer, who is also a record producer and songwriter, has made it into the spotlight with several hits since his appearance in the 1990s.

Although he is known for his variety of musical styles, Jon B. is best known for his interest in contemporary R&B, soul, and pop music. Most interesting of all, the young singer is known as a songwriter for some legendary musicians such as Michael Jackson and Toni Braxton.

Jon B’s Biography, Ethnicity

Jon was born on 11 November 1974 in Providence, Rhode Island. He is the second oldest of three siblings named Deborah, his older sister, and Kelvin, his younger brother. Interestingly, his siblings are both music lovers. His father, David Buck, is a professor of music at Cal State University, while his mother, Linda Buck, is a concert pianist. Jon’s ethnic background is Caucasian, but he grew up in the African-American community in Pasadena, California, and attended a black church during his childhood.

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Since Jon has a musical background, his musical career was inspired by some music albums he found in his grandparents’ record store. Among his best artists of that time were Babyface, Michael Jackson, Marvin Gaye, Duran Duran, Prince, and Sade. He started writing his own songs, especially in the summer and after his high school year.

Jon was able to produce and record about 40 incredible songs, including his debut album Bonafide, which helped him become popular at the time. Bonafide, released by Epic Records’ subsidiary 550 Music, was also the first recording to be released on Tracey Edmonds’ record label Yab Yum Record. The album was not only the favorite album of rapper Tupac Shakur but some of the album’s singles were also featured on the soundtrack of Martin Lawrence and the Will Smith action-comedy Bad Boys. The album climbed to number 24 on Billboard’s R&B album charts, led by the top ten R&B single Someone to Love.

Before releasing his debut album, Jon wrote songs for the likes of Toni Braxton, Color Me Badd, the Spice Girls, and even the internationally known “King of Pop” Michael Jackson. Jon’s second album Cool Relax was released in 1997, two years after the first release. The album received positive reviews from music critics, and it was rated as one of his most commercially successful albums. His two singles – They Don’t Know and Are You Still Down – had the highest box office sales with over one million copies sold. His song Are You Still Down became a success with the support of American rapper and actor Tupac Amaru Shakur, also known as Tupac Shakur.

Is Jon B Married? Who is his Wife, Children

Many people have always assumed that Jon B. is gay. Although he has not yet indicated any other sexual orientation, it is assumed that Jon B is heterosexual. He has also been married to his African-American wife Danette Buck since 2007. Although he is white, Jon B. has had relationships with black women. In his first marriage, he was married to the singer Music K. Galloway, who appeared on his debut album Bonafide. The two separated a short time later before he met his beautiful black wife Danette and proposed to her in private before he made it public during a Valentine’s Day concert in Las Vegas. The couple currently shares two beautiful daughters, L’Wren and Azure.

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Net Worth

Thanks to his successful career in the music industry, Jon B. has a net worth of approximately $3 million. His debut album Bonafide went platinum in the US, while his second Cool Relax did better, as it went 2x platinum and reached number 5 in the US R&B charts. His other albums, such as Pleasures U Like (released in 2001), Stronger Everyday (released in 2004), Holiday Wishes: From Me to You (released in 2006), Helpless Romantic (released in 2008), and Comfortable Swagg (released in 2012), have all performed well on the international market. In addition to the successful albums, Jon’s singles performed exceptionally well and contributed to both his rise to fame and his financial income. Some of these singles that made a remarkable difference were “Pretty Girl”, “Someone to Love” (with Babyface), “Are U Still Down” (with Tupac Shakur), and “They Don’t Know”.

Due to the success, he achieved with his music, Jon B. was nominated for a Grammy Award in 1995 and for Billboard Awards in 1998.


Is Jon B Married? Who is His Wife, Children, Ethnicity, Net Worth, Biography (2024)


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