F1 star in hot seat for potential race ban following Monaco GP (2024)

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The 2024 Monaco Grand Prix erupted in chaos on the opening lap, with a huge accident triggering a red flag.

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Disaster struck the streets of Monte Carlo moments after the lights went out. As the pack surged uphill towards Casino Square, Kevin Magnussen's Haas made contact with the rear of Sergio Perez's Red Bull. The impact sent the Mexican driver careening into the unforgiving barrier at high speed.

Nico Hulkenberg in the other Haas was caught out by the spinning Perez, with his car making secondary contact that further compounded the damage.

Perez's RB20 was heavily damaged, and all three drivers had to retire from the race. Fortunately, no one was injured in this accident.

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While he escaped additional penalty points, it is worth mentioning that Magnussen already carries the weight of 10 penalty points from prior incidents hanging over him.

This leaves the Danish driver precariously close to a race ban, sitting just two points away from the threshold.

With 17 races remaining in the 2024 season, the pressure is on for Magnussen to keep his nose clean.

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On the other hand, Esteban Ocon was given a 10-second penalty, which the FIA has converted to five-place grid penalty for the next race in Canada, for causing a collision with his Alpine team-mate Pierre Gasly in the first lap of the race. Ocon has also received two penalty points to his Super Licence.

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F1 Driver Penalty Points

Alongside time penalties, drivers could also carry penalty points for driving infringements. These points expire after 12 months, but if a driver collects 12 points within that time, they get a race ban.

Kevin Magnussen currently sits on the edge with 10 penalty points, just two away from a potential race ban.

GPFans has compiled a list of the points currently accrued by drivers and when they will expire. This article will be updated throughout the year.

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Red Bull

Max Verstappen - Two points

Las Vegas GPTwo19th November 2024Forcing Charles Leclerc off track

Sergio Perez - Eight points

Singapore GPOne17th September 2024Causing a collision
Japanese GPFour24th September 2024Causing a collision x2
Abu Dhabi GPTwo26th November 2024Causing a collision
Saudi Arabian GPOne9th March 2025Unsafe release


Charles Leclerc - Zero points
Carlos Sainz - One point

Miami GPOne5th May 2025Causing a collision


Lewis Hamilton - Four points

Belgian GPTwo29th July 2024Causing a collision
Italian GPTwo3rd September 2024Causing a collision

George Russell - Four points

Monaco GPTwo28th May 2024Causing a collision
Las Vegas GPTwo19th November 2024Causing a collision


Esteban Ocon - Three points

Miami GPOne4th May 2025Pit-lane incident
Monaco GPTwo26th May 2025Causing a collision

Pierre Gasly - Zero points


Lando Norris - Zero points
Oscar Piastri - Zero points


Valtteri Bottas - Two points

Mexican GPTwo29th October 2024Causing a collision

Guanyu Zhou - Two points

Hungarian GPTwo23rd July 2024Causing a collision

Aston Martin

Fernando Alonso - Six points

Australian GPThree24th March 2025Dangerous driving
Chinese GPThree21st April 2025Causing a collision

Lance Stroll - Seven points

British GPTwo9th July 2024Causing a collision
Las Vegas GPThree19th November 2024Overtaking under yellow flags
Chinese GPTwo21st April 2025Causing a collision


Kevin Magnussen - 10 points

Saudi Arabian GPThree9th March 2025Causing a collision
Chinese GPTwo21st April 2025Causing a collision
Miami GPFive5th May 2025Leaving the track and gaining a lasting advantage, causing a collision

Nico Hulkenberg - Two Points

Monaco GPTwo29th May 2024Causing a collision


Yuki Tsunoda - Three points

Spanish GPOne4th June 2024Forced another car off track
Dutch GPTwo27th August 2024Causing a collision

Daniel Ricciardo - Two Points

Chinese GPTwo21st April 2025Overtaking under Safety Car conditions


Alex Albon - Zero points
Logan Sargeant - Eight Points

Italian GPTwo3rd September 2024Causing a collision
Japanese GPTwo24th September 2024Causing a collision
Mexican GPTwo29th October 2024Failure to comply with yellow flags
Chinese GPTwo21st April 2025Overtaking under Safety Car conditions

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Red BullSergio PerezHaasNico HulkenbergMonaco Grand PrixKevin Magnussen

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F1 star in hot seat for potential race ban following Monaco GP (18)

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F1 star in hot seat for potential race ban following Monaco GP (76)

F1 star in hot seat for potential race ban following Monaco GP (77)

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F1 star in hot seat for potential race ban following Monaco GP (2024)


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