Convert Celsius To Fahrenheit (°C to °F): Calculator, Chart, Equation (2024)


Degrees of Celsius and degrees of Fahrenheit are both units for measuring temperature. To properly read HVAC specification sheets (for air conditioners, furnaces, etc.), you sometimes have to convert Celsius to Fahrenheit (°C to °F). Applies to general weather, body temperature, cooking recipes, and a number of other applications as well.

Celsius is usually used worldwide (Europe, Asia, and so on) and Fahrenheit is used primarily in the USA.

How to convert Celsius to Fahrenheit? With a conversion equation, of course. This one:

°F = 9/5 * °C + 32

To help everybody out, we have used this equation and created:

  • Celsius to Fahrenheit conversion calculator (just insert °C and get °F).
  • Celsius to Fahrenheit conversion chart (for -50°C to 1000°C). + Additional chart for body temperature (for 35°C to 42°C).
  • Explained how do you convert Celsius to Fahrenheit without a calculator (with formula). You will find some solved examples of this temperature unit conversion in the end.

Let’s start with the °C to °F calculator:

Table of Contents

Celsius To Fahrenheit Calculator (°C to °F)

Celsius To Fahrenheit Chart (For -50°C To 1000°C)

You can use this °C to °F chart to check the temperature without the need of a calculator:

Celsius (°C)Fahrenheit (°F)
-50°C to °F:-58.0°F
-49°C to °F:-56.2°F
-48°C to °F:-54.4°F
-47°C to °F:-52.6°F
-46°C to °F:-50.8°F
-45°C to °F:-49.0°F
-44°C to °F:-47.2°F
-43°C to °F:-45.4°F
-42°C to °F:-43.6°F
-41°C to °F:-41.8°F
-40°C to °F:-40.0°F
-39°C to °F:-38.2°F
-38°C to °F:-36.4°F
-37°C to °F:-34.6°F
-36°C to °F:-32.8°F
-35°C to °F:-31.0°F
-34°C to °F:-29.2°F
-33°C to °F:-27.4°F
-32°C to °F:-25.6°F
-31°C to °F:-23.8°F
-30°C to °F:-22.0°F
-29°C to °F:-20.2°F
-28°C to °F:-18.4°F
-27°C to °F:-16.6°F
-26°C to °F:-14.8°F
-25°C to °F:-13.0°F
-24°C to °F:-11.2°F
-23°C to °F:-9.4°F
-22°C to °F:-7.6°F
-21°C to °F:-5.8°F
-20°C to °F:-4.0°F
-19°C to °F:-2.2°F
-18°C to °F:-0.4°F
-17°C to °F:1.4°F
-16°C to °F:3.2°F
-15°C to °F:5.0°F
-14°C to °F:6.8°F
-13°C to °F:8.6°F
-12°C to °F:10.4°F
-11°C to °F:12.2°F
-10°C to °F:14.0°F
-9°C to °F:15.8°F
-8°C to °F:17.6°F
-7°C to °F:19.4°F
-6°C to °F:21.2°F
-5°C to °F:23.0°F
-4°C to °F:24.8°F
-3°C to °F:26.6°F
-2°C to °F:28.4°F
-1°C to °F:30.2°F
0°C to °F:32.0°F
1°C to °F:33.8°F
2°C to °F:35.6°F
3°C to °F:37.4°F
4°C to °F:39.2°F
5°C to °F:41.0°F
6°C to °F:42.8°F
7°C to °F:44.6°F
8°C to °F:46.4°F
9°C to °F:48.2°F
10°C to °F:50.0°F
11°C to °F:51.8°F
12°C to °F:53.6°F
13°C to °F:55.4°F
14°C to °F:57.2°F
15°C to °F:59.0°F
16°C to °F:60.8°F
17°C to °F:62.6°F
18°C to °F:64.4°F
19°C to °F:66.2°F
20°C to °F:68.0°F
21°C to °F:69.8°F
22°C to °F:71.6°F
23°C to °F:73.4°F
24°C to °F:75.2°F
25°C to °F:77.0°F
26°C to °F:78.8°F
27°C to °F:80.6°F
28°C to °F:82.4°F
29°C to °F:84.2°F
30°C to °F:86.0°F
31°C to °F:87.8°F
32°C to °F:89.6°F
33°C to °F:91.4°F
34°C to °F:93.2°F
35°C to °F:95.0°F
36°C to °F:96.8°F
37°C to °F:98.6°F
38°C to °F:100.4°F
39°C to °F:102.2°F
40°C to °F:104.0°F
41°C to °F:105.8°F
42°C to °F:107.6°F
43°C to °F:109.4°F
44°C to °F:111.2°F
45°C to °F:113.0°F
46°C to °F:114.8°F
47°C to °F:116.6°F
48°C to °F:118.4°F
49°C to °F:120.2°F
50°C to °F:122.0°F
55°C to °F:131.0°F
60°C to °F:140.0°F
65°C to °F:149.0°F
70°C to °F:158.0°F
75°C to °F:167.0°F
80°C to °F:176.0°F
85°C to °F:185.0°F
90°C to °F:194.0°F
95°C to °F:203.0°F
100°C to °F:212.0°F
110°C to °F:230.0°F
120°C to °F:248.0°F
130°C to °F:266.0°F
140°C to °F:284.0°F
150°C to °F:302.0°F
200°C to °F:392.0°F
300°C to °F:572.0°F
400°C to °F:752.0°F
500°C to °F:932.0°F
600°C to °F:1112°F
700°C to °F:1292°F
800°C to °F:1472°F
900°C to °F:1652°F
1000°C to °F:1832°F

Celsius To Fahrenheit For Body Temperature (For 35°C To 42°C)

Many times we have to convert Celsius to Fahrenheit for body temperature. The average body temperature is 37°C. Here you will find Celsius to Fahrenheit chart for body temperature with up to 0.1°C accuracy:

Celsius (°C)Fahrenheit (°F)
35°C to °F:95.0°F
35.5°C to °F:95.9°F
36°C to °F:96.8°F
36.1°C to °F:97.0°F
36.2°C to °F:97.2°F
36.3°C to °F:97.3°F
36.4°C to °F:97.5°F
36.5°C to °F:97.7°F
36.6°C to °F:97.9°F
36.7°C to °F:98.1°F
36.8°C to °F:98.2°F
36.9°C to °F:98.4°F
37°C to °F:98.6°F
37.1°C to °F:98.8°F
37.2°C to °F:99.0°F
37.3°C to °F:99.1°F
37.4°C to °F:99.3°F
37.5°C to °F:99.5°F
37.6°C to °F:99.7°F
37.7°C to °F:99.9°F
37.8°C to °F:100.0°F
37.9°C to °F:100.2°F
38°C to °F:100.4°F
38.5°C to °F:101.3°F
39°C to °F:102.2°F
39.5°C to °F:103,1°F
40°C to °F:104.0°F
40.5°C to °F:104.9°F
41°C to °F:105.8°F
42°C to °F:107.6°F

How Do You Convert Celsius To Fahrenheit Without A Calculator?

You can convert Celsius To Fahrenheit without using the calculator above or without the chart. All you have to do is to apply the Celsius To Fahrenheit conversion formula:

°F = 9/5 * °C + 32

Basically, here’s how you convert Celsius to Fahrenheit step-by-step:

  1. Take the degrees in Celsius, and multiply it by 9/5 (equal to 1.8). Example: If you want to convert 37°C to °F, first multiply 37 with 9/5. This yields us 66.6.
  2. Then we just add 32. Example: To that 66.6, we add 32 to get the final result in Fahrenheit.

We can thus simply convert 37°C to °F like this:

9/5 * 37°C + 32 = 98.6°F

Let’s try another example. Let’s convert 100°C to °F. We just input 100°C into the equation and we get:

9/5 * 100°C + 32 = 212°F

You can use this equation quite easily and convert Celsius to Fahrenheit fast.

If you have any questions regarding this conversion, you can pose the question in the comment section below and we’ll try to help you out.

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Convert Celsius To Fahrenheit (°C to °F): Calculator, Chart, Equation (2024)


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