A preview of MedCity INVEST 2022: A return to in-person conferences - MedCity News (2024)

A preview of MedCity INVEST 2022: A return to in-person conferences - MedCity News (1)

MedCity News is marking a return to in-person conferences with INVEST 2022 at the Ritz Carlton Hotel in Chicago, scheduled for March 28-30. The conference, held in partnership with Mid-America Healthcare Investors Network (MHIN), unites active investors with promising startups in biopharma, diagnostics, medical device, health IT, and health services. It also brings together healthcare executives to take part in conversations around healthcare innovation across health tech, medtech and biopharma.

Attendees will be required to provide proof of Covid-19 vaccination and get a negative PCR test within 72 hours to enter INVEST 2022. Requirements are subject to change.

Here’s a preview of the preliminary agenda and information on how different healthcare stakeholders can take part.

Monday, March 28

Virtual Care 2.0: Integrating in-person and virtual care into a virtuous care delivery cycle

The best virtual care models must combine telehealth and in-person care but we aren’t there yet. What metrics can be created to decide which interactions need to be virtual and which demand an in-person visit? Learn how care delivery can be transformed into a virtuous cycle of tech-enhancing communications, remote patient monitoring, and disease management with in-person visits for only those occasions that call for it.

Consumer and Patient Experience: Keeping healthcare patient centric with effective care coordination

Patient-centered care has long been talked about and now we are taking baby steps in engaging patients effectively. This necessarily involves moving away from fragmented care to care that functions as a well-oiled machine with a big dollop of empathy and communication with both patients and caregivers.

Pitch Perfect: Diagnostics 2.0

Convenience is the name of the game, especially after the pandemic when it comes to the world of diagnostics. Startups in this category are developing either at-home tests (be it kits with results immediately available or kits that can be used to test at home and mailed out easily) or point-of-care tests with results available soon after.

A preview of MedCity INVEST 2022: A return to in-person conferences - MedCity News (2)

Tuesday, March 29

Pitch Perfect: Care Coordination and VBC

Health systems and payers are increasingly interested in improving outcomes and patient satisfaction while reducing costs. Startups in this category use digital tools to address care delivery and coordination and clinical decision support with a goal to advance the ultimate move to value-based care.

Virtual Care 2.0: Will telepsychiatry solve our mental health crisis?

Loneliness + political division + pandemic + economic uncertainty + lack of access to specialists = a worsening mental health epidemic. Can telepsychiatry pave the way to better mental health care for children and adults alike given the lag times in getting in front of psychiatrists today?

Value-based Care and Operational Efficiency: How the hospital-at-home trend might move the needle on value-based care and operational efficiency

Financial pressure and the pandemic have hastened the move to delivering care at home. How are health systems tackling the move to the home and what can they do with the physical assets

Trends in Healthcare Investment: Are investors spending too much too fast?

Pre-money valuations have increased manifold. Unicorns aren’t a rare commodity anymore. Mega rounds are commonplace. Digital health is setting investment records by the quarter. Are investors spending too much too fast and how close are we to a correction?

Solving the Health Inequity Problem: 3 factors key to improving health equity – data, interoperability and collaboration

We cannot improve what we cannot measure objectively. Information doesn’t become insight unless it is shared broadly. Deep problems cannot be solved with a go-it-alone attitude. Solving health inequity requires all of the above. Learn from a diverse panel of data experts, community orgs and others about how to attack these entrenched problems.

Pitch Perfect: Remote Patient Monitoring and Smart Devices

The medical devices world is getting digitized to help patients and physicians manage their diseases better, with even implantable devices having connectivity via Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. Startups in this category are developing smart devices — whether wearable, or permanently implantable — with connectivity to apps and disease management platforms to help manage chronic diseases or other episodic care.

Wednesday, March 30

Healthcare Policy and the Evolution of ACA: A policy wish list

The Biden administration has taken steps toward expanding the Affordable Care Act but what’s on your policy wish list. If you had a magic wand, what policies would you like to see implemented?

Big Tech and AI — the road ahead: AI comes of age during Covid

Often dismissed as overhyped, artificial intelligence applications matured during the pandemic as providers relied on conversational AI and other tools to triage patients and communicate with them during the height of Covid. What are the lessons learned about effective applications of AI and the challenges that are still there in terms of training models on unbiased, diverse data?

Transformation of Life Sciences: How biopharma can be smart about jumping on the digital bandwagon

Biopharma’s come-to-Jesus-moment in terms of embracing health tech tools has occurred during the pandemic. Learn how the industry is adopting tools across the biopharma continuum of drug development, clinical trials and even manufacturing and commercialization.

Pitch Perfect: PharmaTech

As digital transformation is happening across the board, Big Pharma is looking to go beyond the pill. Startups in this category are using digital tools to help every aspect of the pharmaceutical industry, be it drug development, clinical trials, manufacturing, digital therapeutics, patient engagement and more.

If you’re interested in being part of INVEST, please review these options:

To apply to speak on one of the panels at the conference, click here.

To submit an application for the startup pitch contest Pitch Perfect, follow this link and select the track in which you would like to present.

To inquire about sponsorship opportunities, email [emailprotected] or download the 2022 media kit here.

For general questions about the conference, contact Events Director Laura Kittredge at [emailprotected].

A preview of MedCity INVEST 2022: A return to in-person conferences - MedCity News (3)

A preview of MedCity INVEST 2022: A return to in-person conferences - MedCity News (2024)


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