9 Freelance Writing Courses To Level Up Your Writing Skills (2024)

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In a 2013 interview, investor Warren Buffett famously said, ‘The best investment you can make is an investment in yourself…the more you learn, the more you’ll earn.’

These sentiments apply no matter what career you choose in life. However, you are reading this as you’re interested in building a freelance writing career. Looking through the freelance writing courses and sites dedicated to freelance writing that are available, it’s hard to know where to start!

Becoming a successful freelance writer will mean learning all the necessary skills of a professional writer. The rewards of a freelance writer’s career make this effort worth it. You can ditch the 9-5 and enjoy total freedom of when and where you want to work.

Freelance writers are in high demand which means there are plenty of opportunities to earn a decent living. Learning how to become a freelance writer is the first step. These freelance writing courses are all fantastic places to start.

9 Freelance Writing Courses Worth Your Time

Anyone can start a career as a freelance writer. No matter what skill level you currently possess, if you want to, you can start earning as a writer today.

To build a profitable freelance writing career you must start by investing in yourself to learn more. What better way to learn how to be a complete freelance writer, than from other seasoned writers!

The following freelance writing courses contain advice, help, and tips from writers with decades of experience.

1. Freelance to 5K

Created by writer Micheal Leonard, Freelance to 5K is a comprehensive course that will teach you all the skills you need to become a successful freelance writer.

This complete freelance writing course covers all the steps you need to get started. The comprehensive course includes 6 modules and over 40 tutorial videos. Topics covered include:

  • How to build a portfolio
  • Creating your own freelance writing website
  • Pitching to potential clients
  • Setting prices
  • Using social media

By the end of the freelance writing course, these skills and more will have you on your way to becoming a successful freelancer.

Not only is this course flexible, but so are the payment options. You can pay in 6 instalments of $116.40 a month or pay a one-time amount of $596.40. Remember, this is an investment in yourself and your future success!

Alternatively, start your freelance career with a bang by signing up for the VIP Freelance to 5K Accelerator. The price tag is a hefty $2,996.40, but the one-to-one coaching can be invaluable for anyone starting a freelance writing business.

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Unsure? Why not start with Mike’s free course, 3 Easy Ways to Land Freelance Writing Clients. Start your journey as a freelance content writer by learning the basics. Once you’ve completed this, why not opt for one of the paid courses to boost your writing skills.

2. Earn More Writing

Holly Johnson is an award-winning writer and blogger. She has built an extremely successful writing career earning over $200,000 per year!

Her freelance writing course, Earn More Writing, covers a wide range of topics to help you start as a freelancer.

The course is suitable for all skill levels including beginners. You will get access to 8 video modules covering the following topics:

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  1. How to establish a blog and brand
  2. How to build your portfolio and pitch clients
  3. Defending your workday
  4. Making the transition from broke writing to rich writing
  5. Finding (and keeping) your dream clients
  6. Getting paid
  7. Get more work by making editors happy
  8. Taking your income into the stratosphere

These essential modules can help you launch a successful writing career. To help you learn as much as possible there are videos, worksheets, and plenty of bonus tips. You can join the Facebook group for additional support and start building a network of connections in the writing industry.

If that’s not enough, keep one thing in mind. You are going to get top-quality training from an experienced professional writer! Finish the course and you will be better positioned to build your own profitable freelance writing career.

9 Freelance Writing Courses To Level Up Your Writing Skills (2)

Choose from 4 membership options when picking your course. The standard membership is the most popular and costs $238.80. This gives you access to all the training materials for 1 year, access to the Facebook group, and plenty of incredible extras.

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The Bloggers membership bundle costs $478.80 and combines two impressive training courses: Earn More Writing and Earn More Blogging.

For $570 you can join the Pro membership bundle. This gives you access to all the Earn More Writing and Earn More Writing Pro training materials.

The Platinum membership bundle gives you access to all the training materials for three outstanding courses: Earn More Writing, Earn More Writing Pro, and Earn More Travel Writing. All for $718.80!

These freelance writer courses are designed to suit people of all budgets and skills. You can always start with the standard membership, and upgrade in the future when you are ready to learn more.

3. Write Your Way To Your First 1K

9 Freelance Writing Courses To Level Up Your Writing Skills (4)

Write Your Way To Your First 1K is a fantastic course for anyone considering a freelance writing career.

Accomplished writer Elna Cain has put together the resources you will need to achieve the target – earning your first 1K! Completing the course means even those with no prior experience will have the knowledge they need to start earning.

The course is split into 7 modules of more than 50 lessons. That may sound a lot but don’t worry! You can work at your own pace, there is no time limit. Make sure you work through everything and get as much out of the course as possible.

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You can expect the following when you sign up:

  • Training on popular tools and best practices
  • Ready-to-use templates
  • How to pitch to prospective clients
  • Lifetime access
  • Live training sessions via Facebook
  • Access to the Facebook community

These are just the highlights of this action-packed writing course. By the end, you will be on your way to earning your first 1K and beyond!

Joining this online writing course costs $195 if you pay a one-off fee. Instead, you can pay three affordable monthly payments of $75, but you do save $30 by paying in full.

4. Creative Freelancing Freedom

Freelance writing courses are about more than learning how to write quality content. These courses also teach you the essentials of becoming a freelancer. Creative Freelancing Freedom by Lizzie Davey is one all-encompassing course that can help you lay the foundation of a successful writing career for years to come.

The course is divided into 4 exciting modules. Module 1 covers how to start as a freelancer including goal setting and legal stuff you may need to be aware of.

Consider how you want to get paid. Getting paid with PayPal is many freelancers’ preferred choice, but you may want to use other options. Module 1 will cover basics like this and more.

Moving on to module 2 you will learn how to create services that customers want. Module 3 teaches you how to find clients and retain them! In the last module, you will learn everything you need to know about marketing your freelance business.

These are the headlines of this compelling course and you will find that each module is packed with resources to help you on your journey to becoming a successful freelance writer.

Choose from two payment options – a one-off payment of $296.40 or three easy payments of $106.80 a month. If you are unhappy you can get a full refund in the first 30 days.

9 Freelance Writing Courses To Level Up Your Writing Skills (6)

5. Travel Writing

When you dream about your life as a freelancer what do you think of? Freedom to work anywhere is top of many freelancers’ lists!

Travel writing can be just the niche you need if you want to become a digital nomad. Get paid to wander the world and write about it!

Learn from experienced travel writers by taking this Travel Writing course. Some of the awesome topics covered in this incredible course are:

  • Learn the best places to submit your stories
  • Find out what not to do
  • Discover how to write articles that sell every single time
  • Get the necessary tools for maximizing earnings – including how to make multiple articles that sell from just one trip!

All the knowledge in this course is provided by three talented and highly experienced travel writers. Not only will they teach you how to be a successful travel writer, but they will share other perks of travel writing too.

Free meals, free vacations, and behind-the-scenes access are a few remarkable perks travel writers enjoy. Thanks to this course you can too!

If you want to find writing work as a travel writer, then this course is an ideal place to start. You can pay a one-off payment of $319 or spread the cost over 8 monthly payments.

6. Gotham Writers Courses

Content writing is where many start their freelance writing career. Advancing your career may mean choosing to specialize in a specific niche. Novel writing, SEO writing, and travel writing are some of the writing industries you may desire to specialize in.

A great place to hone those creative writing skills is the Gotham Writers Course.

Gotham Writers was established in 1993 by two writers, Jeff Fligelman and David Grae. Originally offering in-person classes in a small office in New York, the duo diversified and in 1997 started offering online classes.

Today you can browse their extensive catalogue to find a course suitable for you and learn from the comfort of your own home. Blog Writing, Business Writing, and Travel Writing are just some of the online courses that could be of benefit to you.

Prices for these courses do vary from as little as $150 up to $500. To enjoy freelance writing success take as many of these courses as possible!

Freelance writers can enjoy working a variety of jobs by learning new skills. You may start as a content writer, but you could become a freelance journalist or start freelance copywriting at any time. Freelance writing jobs are abundant which means taking more courses covering more fields increases your earning potential and keeps the excitement of a new challenge at the forefront of your day.

7. Blogging 101

All these freelance writing courses are brilliant for learning how to be a freelance writer. However, what if you want to write for yourself and not others?

Starting your own profitable blog post is one option which is where Blogging 101 can help.

Blogging is hugely popular and if done right can be hugely profitable! The problem many new bloggers have is that they give up too early. If you are patient and build your blog using tried and tested methods, then you can enjoy success.

The Blogging 101 course is split into 4 sections that will help you avoid the pitfalls others make.

  1. Setting up your blog
  2. Creating blog content
  3. How to manage your blog
  4. Build your audience

As you delve into each module in detail you will gain a deeper understanding of essential blogging topics like keyword research, SEO, and how to format your posts.

Whilst building your freelance writing career, why not start your own blog at the same time!

Blogging 101 costs $249.99 for the complete course. For this small investment, you can learn from expert instructors, get feedback on your writing sample, and learn in an online environment.

9 Freelance Writing Courses To Level Up Your Writing Skills (7)

8. Wealthy Writers

Medium is a writing platform that allows you to create your own content. You can create your own writing brand and share the content of your choosing with readers. Common ways for writers to make money on medium include affiliates, coaching other writers, and paid posts.

One of Medium’s top-rated writers, Anthony Moore, has created the Wealthy Writers course. The course is divided into 5 modules teaching topics including how to get started and how to build an audience.

Learning from an established Medium writer is an effective way to get started yourself. Expect the following once you’ve signed up:

  • Cheat-sheets for writing viral headlines and articles
  • How to self-publish an eBook
  • Tips on developing your unique writing voice
  • Exclusive bonuses
  • How to start earning from Amazon affiliate links

This list is just the tip of the iceberg of this sensational course. Take the plunge and in no time at all, you could be earning top dollar!

9 Freelance Writing Courses To Level Up Your Writing Skills (8)

Wealthy Writers allows you to learn professional writing skills for the one-off price of $997. Alternatively, you can pay three monthly payments of $367.

9. Come Write With Us

Kristin Wong and Alex Webb are writers, journalists, and authors. Kristin has featured in the New York Times and Glamour magazine. Alex has been published most notably by National Geographic and the Financial Times.

Together they have created the freelance writing course Come Write With Us. This course is over 9 modules designed to teach anyone how to be a freelance writer and most importantly, earn a full-time salary.

You will get as part of the course the following:

  • 9 modules including homework and writing exercises
  • Access to the private Facebook community
  • Interviews with other writers
  • How to pitch, network, and more

By the end, you will understand all aspects of working as a freelance writer. Building a portfolio, writing like a pro, and finding work will be topics that you can master

The course is fully online along with all worksheets, tutorial videos, and everything else that you will need. To sign up you can pay a one-off fee of $236.30 or 3 monthly payments of just $86.40.

9 Freelance Writing Courses To Level Up Your Writing Skills (9)

Happy Learning!

These well-respected freelance writing courses are ideal for writers of all skill levels. Embarking on your new freelance writing career means learning the required skills for the niche you are writing for.

The worst thing you could do now is to hesitate. Be decisive and go for it! Take one or more of these courses to kickstart your writing journey and before you know it you will have those first paying clients.

Course costs may put you off, but remember what Warren said at the start – ‘The best investment you can make is an investment in yourself.”

Keep these words in mind as once those customers start rolling in, your earnings will far outweigh that initial investment.

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  7. Course Providers: The article mentions the creators of some of the courses, highlighting their experience and credentials in the writing industry.

  8. Course Content and Format: The article mentions that the courses provide various resources, such as video modules, worksheets, templates, and access to online communities. It also mentions that some courses offer lifetime access and the ability to work at your own pace.

  9. Course Specializations: The article mentions that some courses focus on specific niches, such as travel writing or blogging, allowing writers to specialize and expand their earning potential.

  10. Benefits of Freelancing: The article highlights the advantages of freelancing, such as the ability to work from anywhere, the potential for high earnings, and the opportunity to write for oneself.

Remember, while the article provides an overview of the freelance writing courses, it's always a good idea to conduct further research and read reviews to determine which courses align with your specific goals and learning preferences.

9 Freelance Writing Courses To Level Up Your Writing Skills (2024)


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